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  • AccurioLabel 230

    The AccurioLabel 230 is the 3rd re-design of Konica Minolta’s popular label series of toner-based printers. The new design offers speed improvement on tack papers and tack films with a maximum print speed of 76ft/min, shorter warm-up times, and an optional over-print kit enabling additional capabilities of running pre-printed media. The new AL230 also incorporates improvements to it’s GM winder and un-winder that include: air chuck control for trouble-free handling of roll material, pre and post area access lights for improved viewing of web path and updated tension control for automatic tension settings during label runs.

    Learn more about the power of the AccurioLabel 230

    Updated tension control for trouble-free operation.

    Easier roll-handling functionality.

    Integrates with Latest Adobe PDF Print Engine.

    Embedded controller offering fully integrated color mgt.

    Improved print speeds on tack film/paper gets jobs done faster.

    Less down-time between jobs improves overall effectiveness.

    Rethink Label Printing with AccurioLabel 230

    The benefits of digital label printing are clear: fast turnaround, no plate-making, high profitability, skill-less operation, just to name a few…

    AccurioLabel 230Key features of the AccurioLabel 230

    High productivity

    Printing Speed

    • With AccurioLabel 230 you can print with max. speed 23.4 m/min
    • Most tack paper & films [PP, PET.YUPO] can be printed with max. speed [120 – 160μm thickness]

    Warm Up Time

    • No waiting between running jobs
    • Minimize paper waste and therefore also costs

    Easy Alignment of Paper Web

    • AccurioLabel 230 winders has web guide on both rewinder and rewinder for optimal and accurate feeding of the media

    Print job variety


    • With Overprinting Kit, AccurioLabel 230 has the ability to over print on pre-printed media

    Two Different Paper Width

    • AccurioLabel 230 is possible to change two types of paper width between 250 to 330 mm.


    • AccurioLabel 230 is JDF/JMF compatible

    High media compatibility

    • No pre-coating of media required
    • No special media is required

    Ease of use

    • Maintenance tasks on the AccurioLabel 230 are simple and can be performed in a very short amount of time.
    • Tasks that are time-consuming on analogue machines, such as colour adjustments, are performed with ease on this digital press

    Outstanding quality

    Offset Like Resolution

    • High resolution of 1,200 dpi x 8 bit produces a high-precision finish

    Feeding Speed Detection

    • AccurioLabel 230 equipped with speed detector that detected media feeding speed that helps for more accurate print registration

    Web Cleaning System

    • The Web Cleaning System helps to remove any dust or small particles that can affect print quality

    Colour consistency

    • Image density control technology
    • Advanced colour management tools