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  • bizhub C266/C226

    World-class colour A4 multifunction printers help create value in any office

    Multi-touch Screen

    The 7-inch multi-touch screen presents information with
    clarity in an intuitive user interface that everyone can understand.

    7-inch capacitive multi-touch screen

    Operation is simplified by a user-friendly 7-inch multi-touch screen with intuitive user interface. 4 hard menu keys at the bottom of the panel and on-screen soft menu keys allow users to register up to 9 commonly used functions such as copy, scan/fax, preview and soft numeric keypad.

    Touch gesture operation

    The same touch gestures used on mobile devices can be used on the touch screen to simplify operation. Tap to select, double tap to activate, flick to scroll, pinch to magnify and more.


    Administrators can easily convey messages to bizhub users by posting text, icons and GIF animations on the touch screen. These widgets are convenient for sharing information about bizhub operation, placing ads for Print-for-Pay customers or improving office communications.

    Scan Preview*1

    Scanned paper documents can be previewed on the touch screen before saving or sending. Just flick to scroll through pages, rotate them when desired and delete unnecessary pages until satisfied. Then save or send.

    bizhub C226 requires optional Upgrade kit UK-211.

    ID Copy

    This feature makes it easy to print the front and back of an ID card on the top and bottom of a single page. For extra easy access, place an ID Copy shortcut button on the top menu.


    Whether users operate bizhub C266/C226 from its intuitive touch panel, a connected PC or mobile device, the same intuitive user interface is shared to make operation a breeze.

    Mobile Connectivity

    Enjoy a flexible mobile work style by using iOS, Android and Windows 10 mobile devices
    to take advantage of printing and other features.

    Mobile printing

    Use the latest mobile technologies to connect with bizhub C266/C226, print documents, import scanned data and more from smartphones and tablets.


    Print from any compatible printer on your company’s wireless LAN using AirPrint, Apple’s standard printing system. It is compatible with iOS 4.2 and Mac OS 10.7 or later.

    Konica Minolta Print Service

    This application enables printing directly from devices running Android 4.4 or later through your company’s wireless LAN.

    PageScope Mobile

    Connect mobile devices with bizhub C266/C226 via Wi-Fi to print documents and images as well as import scanned data — by using PageScope Mobile for Android or iPhone/iPad.

    Wireless LAN*1

    Wi-Fi Direct allows computers and mobile devices in your office to wirelessly connect with bizhub C266/C226. This creates a fully independent network that supports BYOD (bring your own device) without additional investment. If your office already uses a wireless corporate LAN, bizhub C266/C226 can easily connect with it instead to offer advantages to everyone in the office.

    Optional Upgrade kit UK-215 is required. Local interface kit EK-608 or EK-609 is also required.

    Connect with Android devices

    Pair Android mobile devices*2 with bizhub C266/C226 by simply holding them close to the Mobile Touch Area on the operation panel. NFC (Near Field Communication) ensures smooth, quick connections. The Mobile Touch Area can also be used to log in, print files, scan documents and import scanned data*3.

    Android OS 4.4 or higher and PageScope Mobile must be installed.
    Initial setup required for logging in. Wireless LAN environment required for printing and scanning.

    Connect with iOS devices

    iOS devices pair using Bluetooth LE (BLE)*4 technology. Once paired, they can log in to bizhub C266/C226, print*5 files via PageScope Mobile, receive scanned*5 documents and more.

    Optional Device connection I/F kit EK-609 is required.
    Initial setup required for logging in. Wireless LAN environment required for printing and scanning.

    Streamlined Workflow

    Smart technology simplifies once-complex operations
    to streamline document production and save time.

    Hardcopy digitisation

    Scanned hardcopies can be saved as a PDF, compact PDF or editable PowerPoint file*1. The files are small with excellent image quality and can be saved in internal memory or mobile devices.

    bizhub C226 requires optional Upgrade kit UK-211.

    Multiple carbon copies

    In a single operation, users can produce multiple sets of copies containing an “original” from one paper source and “carbon copies” from other paper sources. It’s the quick and easy way to create carbon copies.

    Stamp function*2

    Paper documents can be copied with stamps, watermarks, page numbers, headers, footers and other images. These are digitally added to any part of the page without modifying the original paper documents.

    bizhub C226 requires optional Upgrade kit UK-211.

    Repeat function*3

    When copying small items like labels and tickets, save paper by repeatedly printing them on the same sheet of paper. Settings provide control over the number of copies per page and margin use.

    bizhub C226 requires optional Upgrade kit UK-211.

    Banner print*4

    Create appealing promotional materials in-house on bizhub C266/226. Simply select the Banner Print feature and select the file to print. Then place the long paper (up to 1,200mm) in the bypass tray with the paper setting guide flipped up. When ready, print away for big, beautiful results.

    bizhub C226 requires optional Upgrade kit UK-211.

    Make a Positive Impression

    Bolster the company image by producing vibrant fullcolour documents
    up to A3 size that inspire important clients.

    Full colour up to A3 size

    Whether printing, copying or scanning, meet the growing demand from clients and associates for full-colour documents up to A3 size. Make your business look its best with bigger, more beautiful documents that create a lasting impression.

    High quality output

    Compare the differences between conventional 600 dpi output and documents produced by bizhub C266/C226. Colours are more natural, gradients are smoother and text is easier to read due to special processing that separately optimises images and text.

    Solid Security

    Convenient security features simplify the initial security setup and
    help prevent unauthorised access in the way that best meets your company’s needs.

    Easy authentication

    Smooth and efficient password, IC card and biometric (finger vein) authentication*1 are supported. Authentication can be handled via external device and login can be performed at the same time.

    Local interface kit EK-608 or EK-609 is required.

    Quick security setup

    The initial security setup is simplified by a “Quick Security” shortcut key on the main menu. Pressing it provides quick access to the most vital security settings (administrator password, password rules, IP filtering, PageScope Web Connection settings and security warning displays).

    Solid Security

    Convenient security features simplify the initial security setup and
    help prevent unauthorised access in the way that best meets your company’s needs.

    Low power consumption

    Highly efficient bizhub C266/C226 consumes only 0.5W in sleep mode. It also minimises energy use during normal operation to easily clear the latest Energy Star Program TEC standards. This helps reduce both CO2 emissions and TCO.

    Eco shortcuts

    Simply press and hold the power key to access four power saving modes (Sub Power Off, Low Power Mode, Sleep Mode and ErP Auto Power Off). These modes were previously accessed through separate keys.

    Low power consumption

    Encourage the use of eco-friendly features by placing shortcuts to them on the top menu. Eco Copy lowers toner and paper costs. Eco Settings lowers power consumption and Eco Info provides a summary of recent eco-friendly operations.

    Sleep mode


    bizhub C266/C226 automatically switches to sleep mode after a user-defined period of inactivity. This mode reduces power consumption to a mere 0.5W by cutting off power to the CPU. When users want to use bizhub C266/C226 again, it switches back to full power in seconds.