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  • bizhub 367/287/227

    The simplicity and usability to fit in any working environment

    New 7 inch operation panel

    The new 7 inch operation panel provides industry top class multitouch sensitivity, user friendly interface and intuitive operability. 4 hard menu keys at the bottom of the panel and the on-screen soft menu keys can allow user to register up to 9 commonly used functions such as copy, scan/fax, preview or soft numeric keypad.

    Widgets function

    Text boxes, icons, or GIF animations can be posted on the MFP operation panel like the sticky notes. These can be used to display office communications, MFP usage rules, or warnings.

    Standard web browser

    The multi-touch UI in the operational panel can be used to display and print out web page contents. It is convenient for print required portions of PDF files that can be viewed on websites, or to print maps for places you are about to visit.

    Lighter and compact MFP body

    The newly developed MFP main body offers compact and lightweight body than its predecessor, the bizhub 283/223. The MFP is able to fit almost in any type of working space.

    The product design

    The bizhub 367 series adopts the easy and intuitive INFO-Palette design and smart user interface. To ensure, to always provide the same user experience in any business situation through the seamless operation no matter from the PCs, tablets or smartphones.

    Print from anywhere, anytime with the most advanced wireless, mobile and cloud technology

    To connect with Android devices

    The new Mobile Touch Area on the operation panel is ready to support NFC (Near Field Communication) connection with Android*1 devices. Touch the area with Android device to perform paring through the PageScope Mobile (PSM).
    Select files on the PSM, then touch the device to the operation panel to perform print*2 or touch the device to the operation panel to perform scan*2.

    NFC connection requires Android OS 4.4 or higher to be installed.
    Wireless LAN environment is required to perform touch to print and scan.

    To connect with iOS devices

    For the iOS device, to search and register MFP nearby into the PageScope Mobile (PSM)*3 via Bluetooth LE (BLE)*4 technology.
    Additionally, iOS devices can be used to log-into MFP through BLE connection. Select files on the PSM to print*5 directly from iOS devices or scan*5 files directly to the iOS devices.

    PageScope Mobile for iPhone/iPad version 5.0 or higher is required.
    Optional Device Connection I/F Kit EK-609 is required.
    Wireless LAN environment is required to perform print and scan.

    Wireless LAN (AP mode) support

    The MFP becomes a wireless LAN Access Point*6 to allow direct wireless connection between mobile devices and bizhub. Devices brought into the office will be able to directly connect with bizhub and are securely separated from existing company LANs.
    PageScope Mobile will enable more convenient use, as wireless set up can be completed between a mobile device and bizhub simply by reading the QR code that is displayed on the machine panel.

    Optional Upgrade Kit UK-212 and Device Connection I/F Kit EK-608 or EK-609 are required.

    To connect instantly without print drivers to the industry standard mobile technologies


    Apple’s standard printing system compatible with iOS 4.2 and Mac OS 10.7 or later. A compatible printer on your wireless LAN can be used.

    Mopria Print Service

    Wireless printing technology provided by Mopria Alliance. Allows you to print from devices installed with Android 4.4 or later.

    Google Cloud Print

    With the compatible software installed, you can print from any locations via the internet regardless OS or device types.
    * Google Cloud Print Setup and Google account registration are required.
    * Optional Upgrade Kit UK-211 is required.

    Konica Minolta Print Service

    Print directly to bizhub via a wireless LAN from Android 4.4 or later installed devices.

    PageScope Mobile

    A genuine mobile print application offered by Konica Minolta. To allow usage of wide range of bizhub functions such as duplex print, security print, staple and punch.

    Flexible and advanced security features to protect valuable information

    Authentication on the MFP main unit

    Authentication can be performed directly on the main unit. Detailed access control can be set up for each function including copy, print, scan, and fax*1.

    FAX feature requires optional FAX Kit FK-513 and HDD will be needed if MFP does not equip the HDD as standard.

    IC card authentication

    To authenticate*2 with various types of IC card*3. The authentication method also compliance with SSFC (Shared Security Formats Cooperation) standard. Besides the IC card, authentication can also be performed with any Android devices*4 that equipped NFC antenna.

    Optional Authentication Unit AU-201S and Device Connection I/F Kit EK-608 or EK-609 are required.
    Compliant non-contact IC cards include FeliCa (IDm), SSFC, FCF, FCF (campus), FeliCa Private, and MIFARE (UID).
    Requires Android 4.4 or later that supports HCE (Host Card Emulation) or PageScope Mobile for Android v4.1 or later.

    Biometric authentication

    Your finger veins becomes the most accurate authentication tool. The biometric authentication is easy to implement but offer very high-level security.

    Optional Biometric Authentication Unit AU-102, Working Table WT-506 and Device Connection I/F Kit EK-608 or EK-609 are required.

    TPM (Trusted Platform Module)

    Control the confidential information with a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) security chip which encrypts and decrypts any confidential data. The confidential information will be encrypted and stored only in the dedicated storage area in the chip. To avoid unauthorised reading from the outside.

    Optional i-Option LK-115 v2 is required.

    Server-less pull printing

    Print jobs sent by user can be printed from any MFP in the office print group. To allows user to build a server-less pull printing system easier and with low introduction cost.

    A pull printing system consisting of a maximum of 10 MFPs can be created. It is necessary that all corresponding MFPs be in the same network.
    Optional i-Option LK-114 and Upgrade Kit UK-211 are required to be installed to each of the MFP.

    ID & Print

    If user set a password in the printer driver screen before execute the print, the print data will be stored in the HDD of the MFP and will not be printed at MFP until the same password is entered on the MFP operation panel. This function is useful when printing confidential documents or to restrict the receipt of outputs only to specific user.

    Innovation helping everyone to reach the full potential

    Screen display enlarge and colour reversal functions

    The screen display enlarge function to enlarge the text on the buttons. The screen display colour reversal function to reverses the display colour while maintaining the same contrast ratio. For better visibility to help elderly users and users with low vision.

    Detachable paper cassette

    Paper cassette of the MFP is detachable. Jammed paper remained inside of the MFP can be easily remove. To reduce MFP downtime

    Environmental contribution is always the top priority

    Usage of the recycled materials

    Recycled PC/ABS and biomass plastic have been used in the MFP body. The recycled material usage is approximately 11% of total MFP weight ratio*1 and approximately 51% of the MFP main body are made by the recycled materials.

    Total weight ratio of resins and plastics used in this machine

    Top class power consumption and TEC value in its class

    The MFP CPU power set to turned off during the sleep mode. This results the top class 0.5 W power consumption ratio (during the sleep mode). The TEC value has also been reduced approximately 32-55%. More CO2 emissions from MFP can be reduced.

    Values for 220-230 V
    TEC values applied to the International Energy Star Program Version 2.0

    Yearly CO2 emissions:
    TEC value × 52 weeks × emission factor
    (From the November, 2011 press release by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment.)