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  • High image quality

    Provides smooth photo image quality and high text quality through exposure at 1200dpi using LPH, and use of digital toner HD and the CIE colour space. Superior image quality provides high quality printing products in various applications.

    Writing with LED print head (LPH)

    1200dpi high resolution output

    Utilises an LED printer head for writing using an LED unit. A fine 30μm beam diameter achieves 1200dpi high resolution, realising superb reproducibility. Sharply boosts detailed text and screen gradation quality.

    Upholds both high image quality and environmental considerations

    Simitri HD Toner

    Uses Simitri HD toner that includes material with plant-derived components. Since it can be fused at low temperature, it can contributed to reduced power consumption. In addition, effects on the environment are taken into consideration from various perspectives during manufacturing, during use, and during discard.

    For simplification of work process, and improved quality

    Tone Curve Utility

    Tone curve adjustment is possible in the standard equipped Color Centro. Brightness, contrast, and other settings of the print job can be adjusted, and even if blown out highlights or blocked out shadows occur, these can be quickly corrected without needing to resort to special applications. It contributes greatly to work efficiency and improved quality.

    Optimal processing of CMYK data

    Use of the CIE colour space

    When outputting colour files, input images are temporarily converted to the CIE space. After that images are converted to the machine’s colour space and optimal processing is performed. Compared with conventional formula-based simple conversions, it suppresses colour blocking in shadowed parts, and enables expression of rich gradations.

    The output speed may decline.