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  • Mopria Print Service

               By Using the  Mopria Print Service

    • You can search automatically for different MFPs on the same network.
    • You can print documents such as e-mails, photos and web pages from MFPs which are compatible with the Mopria Print Service via a wireless LAN.
    • You can also set the number of copies to print and also change color and B/W settings.

                Supported devices


    • bizhub C754e/C654e
    • bizhub C658/C558/C458
    • bizhub C554e/C454e/C364e/C284e/C224e
    • bizhub C368/C308/C258
    • bizhub C287/C227
    • bizhub C3850/C3350/C3850FS
    • bizhub C3110
    • bizhub C3100P


        • bizhub 958/808/758
        • bizhub 754e/654e
        • bizhub 554e/454e/364e/284e/224e
        • bizhub 367/287/227
        • bizhub 4750/4050
        • bizhub PRO 958
        ■To use the Mopria Print service

        It may be necessary to update the device firmware. Contact your Konica Minolta service provider for details.

                 Supported OS/devices

    Applicable OS Android OS 4.4 or later

    • Android with the above OS installed

                What is the Mopria Alliance?

    The Mopria Alliance is a non-profit membership organization made up of companies with the common goals of promoting the adoption of unified industry standards and providing simple and intuitive methods of printing from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
    The Mopria Alliance also works to develop of guidelines to use as standards between printing devices such as mobile devices and printers and to support mobile software application providers in incorporating print functionality within the applications they develop.

    In addition, the Mopria Alliance is promoting understanding so that general users and business users will be able to print easily from their mobile devices to any printer from any manufacturer.