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  • Nassenger PRO 120


    High-density 1024-nozzle independent-drive inkjet printheads

    Mounted with 9 high-density water-based inkjet printheads.
    The printheads feature an independent drive system that allows simultaneous emission from each nozzle to realize high productivity. These are high-performance inkjet printheads designed exclusively for the Nassenger PRO Series.

    Maximum print speed of 120m2/hour

    Capable of print speed of 120m2/hour, twice the speed of PRO60. Production ranging from sample printing to high volume printing can be handled by a single unit.

    Konica Minolta’s unique automatic printhead maintenance system

    Stable emission from inkjet printheads is essential to ensure consistent print quality.
    PRO120 is equipped with an ink empty detection by laser and automatic printhead maintenance functions to enable extended continuous production with stability and contribute to labor saving.

    Reinforcement of continuous long-run print support functions

    Support functions have been reinforced to enable smooth overnight or long-run printing.
    New functions including fabric-wrinkle detection, fabric-entanglement detection, fabric-end detection and a function that displays print track records in real time.

    Maximum printing width: Up to 1,800 mm

    Capable of printing fabric widths up to 1,800 mm, the unit is ideal for a wide range of printing applications ranging from fashion apparel to interior products such as bedding. The unit’s ability to handle fabric thicknesses up to 3 mm also makes it suitable for the printing of items such as towels.

    Total solution for inkjet textile printer

    PRO120 is furnished with a dryer and winder to provide a total solution that encompasses the entire process from unwinding to printing, drying and winding. The product footprint is approximately 15m2.

    9-color, newly-developed reactive-dye ink

    Nine ink colors are available to further enhance the ¬fidelity and vibrancy of inkjet printing color reproduction.
    As well as cyan, magenta, yellow and black, special colors and light tones have been added to the lineup.
    The PRO 120 realizes an expanded color gamut and reduction of graininess in highlighted areas.
    In addition, new prescription type-P reactive-dye ink is used. The 5-liter ink-bottle enhances productivity by making the unit more than capable of coping with continuous printing.

    Inkjet textile printing friendly to the global environment

    Compared to the conventional screen textile printing method, inkjet textile print systems feature lower impact on the global environment.
    Inkjet textile print systems offer features that contribute to reductions in CO2 emissions and waste products(ink, water) and economical use of resources including electricity and water.
    The safety of Nassenger original inks has been veri¬fied through a wide range of safety tests. In addition, Nassenger original inks are high-quality and feature color-fastness resistant to laundering and chafing.