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    Equipped with special technology and features for minimized downtime

    Equipped with functionality that compensates for errors detected by printhead nozzle sensors.
    Now able to adjust density uniformly for each color on all of the printhead modules, thanks to density correction functions using image sensors.
    Newly developed mechanism for automatically cleaning the printhead module nozzle surface eliminates extra labor and skill previously required for nozzle cleaning, and also allows long-term, stable printing.

    Employs single-pass technology

    NASSENGER SP-1 uses single-pass technology that prints on cloth (media) fed on a belt under the fixed printing units. The result is an inkjet printer that achieves comparable production quality to screen printers.

    Newly developed printhead modul

    NASSENGER SP-1 is equipped with a newly developed printhead module for single-pass printing. In addition, our proprietary ink injection control technology has reached a new level that allows flexible ink adjustments for small, medium, or large drop sizes. Ultra high speed, yet fine detail and excellent gradation results as well.

    User-friendly maintenance

    The “rising shutter” allows direct access to the print module, in addition to “cat walk” space for each color. Simple maintenance means increased productivity. Should the printhead module need changing, the process is simple and requires no special skill. Ink impact points can be easily adjusted using the image sensors.

    Touch panel & remote operation

    Employs a touch panel for visually intuitive operation. Make production and maintenance setting adjustments remotely with a tablet.

    Konica Minolta inks for beautiful color development

    In addition to existing reactive-dye ink, new disperse-dye ink has been developed for single-pass printing. Reactive-dye ink has cleared requirements for GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification.