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  • AccurioLabel 190

    “AccurioLabel 190” has been created to take centre stage on the globally expanding digital label market.
    Adoption of a production printer as the engine, which represents the culmination of cutting-edge technologies amassed
    by Konica Minolta over a span of many years. AccurioLabel 190 contributes to business expansion
    by perfectly balancing customer needs from the perspectives of quality and cost.

      • High image quality of 1200dpi, close to offset printing
      • Productivity at a top class, maximum speed of 13.5m*1
        for tack paper
      • Space-economical design with a footprint of 5.0m × 3.0m*2
      • Ensures facilitation of work during procedures such as
        maintenance and job changes
      Feeding speed needs to be changed depending on
      the paper type: 18.9, 13.5, 9.45m/min.
      System size: approx. 1,100mm (D) × 4,000mm (W)

    The global label market continues to expand by the day with the prospect of further stable growth in the future. The ratio of demand for digital labels is increasing year by year, giving rise to a trend of growing demand for small-lot printing.

    As the number of high-mix low-volume print jobs continues to increase, print companies now find themselves in a position where they also need to be able to cope with orders with shorter lead times than with conventional high-volume printing.
    Printing demands that were difficult to cope with using analogue printers can now be handled efficiently thanks to the flexibility that is one of the advantages of digital printing. The added value that digital printers provides for tasks such as variable and numbering printings enables print companies to realise product differentiation amidst diversifying market needs.