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  • V4 Universal Print Driver

    It provides flexible printing driver capabilities for operating systems including Windows 8.1/Windows 10 and Support printing out from various devices.

            This driver is compatible with a wide range of Konica Minolta models.

    It supports Windows Store applications such as Microsoft Edge and My Office.

    it features improved functionality and operability when printing from Windows Store applications.

    Konica Minolta Universal Printer Driver can also be able to support touch operation on a tablet PC such as Surface.

    This support makes printing on tablets a more pleasant experience.

    It is compatible with Windows 10 (S mode) with enhanced more secure and higher speed

    It can be operated immediately with Windows 10 (S mode) models such as Surface Go and Surface Laptop.

    What is Windows 10 (S Mode) ?

    Windows 10 (S Mode) is a special, streamlined mode of Windows 10 that continues to offer the Windows experience with which users have become familiar while adding security and performance enhancements. In an effort to maintain a high level of performance and safety, S Mode only supports applications that have been installed from the Microsoft Store and use of the Microsoft Edge browser.
    Both Surface Go and Surface Laptop are sold in S mode.

    Supported Models

    • Workplace Hub
    • bizhub C789/C659
    • bizhub C754e/C654e
    • bizhub C754/C654
    • bizhub C658/C558/C458
    • bizhub C554e/C454e/C364e/C284e/C224e
    • bizhub C554/C454/C364/C284/C224
    • bizhub C368/C308/C258
    • bizhub C287/C227
    • bizhub C266/C226
    • bizhub C281/C221/C221s
    • bizhub C3851FS/C3851/C3351
    • bizhub C3850/C3350
    • bizhub C3100/C3100P
    • bizhub 958/808/758
    • bizhub 754e/654e
    • bizhub 754/654
    • bizhub 658e/558e/458e/368e/308e
    • bizhub 558/458/368/308
    • bizhub 554e/454e/364e/284e/224e
    • bizhub 367/287/227
    • bizhub 4750/4050
    • bizhub 4782/4052/4422/3622
    • bizhub 4020/3320
    • bizhub 4702P/4402P/3602P
    • bizhub 4700P/4000P/3300P
    • bizhub 3301P

    *1“Baseline” is a catchall model that includes other manufacturers’ devices. Although it is possible to select an unsupported KONICA MINOLTA device or a third-party device as the destination device and to send print data to the selected device using the “Baseline” model, KONICA MINOLTA is unable to guarantee printing results.

    Supported OS

    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 10
    • Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Windows Server 2016