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  • Convenient expandable functions for your bizhub

    i-Option expands existing bizhub functions for a higher level of MFP performance.
    Functions can be added when you need them.

    This expands the number of file formats which can be converted and handled by the bizhub, so that documents can be utilised with greater effectiveness.

    The ThinPrint virtual desktop environment can be used by the bizhub to speed up printing of extra-large data files by compressing the print data and reducing network loads.

    i-Option for bizhub C658/C558/C458
    Model Function Required option hardware
    LK-102 v3 PDF processing/Encrypted PDF (Digital ID) UK-211
    LK-104 v3 Voice guidance UK-211 and EK-608 or EK-609
    LK-105 v4 Searchable PDF UK-211
    LK-106 Bar code font UK-211
    LK-107 Unicode font*3 UK-211
    LK-108 OCR font UK-211
    LK-110 v2 Convert OOXML file/High Quality Compact PDF/
    Searchable PDF (Fax RX Document)/E-mail RX print etc
    LK-111 ThinPrint function Not required
    LK-114 Server-less Pull Printing UK-211
    LK-115 v2 TPM (Trusted Platform Module) Not required

    *1 Some of the features may required FW upgrade.
    *2 Please note the following when using Flash Player. The function for generating events using key operations cannot be used. The functions for tasks such as pasting or retrieving data such as text from the clipboard cannot be used. Context menus cannot be used. The Flash printing function cannot be used. JavaScript cannot be run from Flash. Flash cannot be operated from JavaScript. Flash Player is not compatible with screens that have no windows (pop ups). The Bookmark function in Flash cannot be used. The function for transferring data in real time using Flash Media Server cannot be used.
    *3 Unicode fonts that can be expanded with LK-107 are Andale Mono WT J, Andale Mono WT K. Andale Mono WT S and Andale Mono WT T.

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