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  • Konica Minolta Mobile Print for iPhone/iPad

    Print from mobile scan to mobile instantly, wirelessly.

    Konica Minolta Mobile Print is a mobile app that connects a mobile device and Konica Minolta MFP without any effort, so that printing and scanning

    Simple interface to switch between Print and Scan mode.

    Just tap a button to switch the print and scan mode. The simple and intuitive interface will make everyone’s work faster.

    Quick access to the app via an action button.

    Even when other apps are in use, this app can be called up by using an action button. Take advantage of this for swift printing.

    An action button is an iOS function. Some apps are not supported.

    Share scanned data with others.

    After scanning data with a Konica Minolta MFP, it is easy to send

    that to a mobile device, as well as saving it on the cloud to share

    with others.

    Print files from the cloud.

    Documents or images saved in the cloud can be printed with a Konica

    Minolta MFP.
    Choose whatever files you would like to print from a mobile device.

    Security assured.

    An authentication printing and secure printing are supported, so that confidential documents are securely protected.