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  • Universal Print Driver


    One printer driver to manage all of your printers

    Once the KONICA MINOLTA Universal Print Driver has been installed, there is no need for a different printer driver
    for each separate printer, which saves you time and reduces management costs.



    Powerful print solution that increases print productivity
    and reduces administrative costs

    Printer Driver Simplification

    With the KONICA MINOLTA Universal Print Driver there is no need to create a large number of printer icons.

    Selecting a Printer According to Output Needs

    Printers can be selected according to specific output speed or functionality.

    Printer Management

    The KONICA MINOLTA Universal Print Driver gives you easy access to multiple printers throughout your office, allowing you to select the most appropriate printer based on your specific printing needs while saving you time and reducing administrative costs.

    Once the UPD is installed you will be able to select a printer by network search, history, or by manual connection, and start printing right away even while out of the office and even from printers from other vendors.