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  • AccurioPro Cloud Eye

    Real-time sharing and management
    of the latest colour reproduction
    status via the cloud

    Cloud service for colour management at multiple locations

    AccurioPro Cloud Eye is a cloud-based colour management system
    belonging to Konica Minolta’s AccurioPro suite of professional printing solutions.
    AccurioPro Cloud Eye provides centralised colour management to businesses
    with printing operations at multiple locations by ensuring accurate colour reproduction
    at each printer via the cloud. Colour management procedures can be easily consolidated
    not only within your offices, but also with cooperative companies and at your factories.
    AccurioPro Cloud Eye will transform the way you work.
    By maintaining consistent colour reproduction conditions, this innovative system
    ensures accurate, real-time colour reproduction regardless of the operator’s experience.

    Daily colour management

    ▶ Eliminates errors across all locations, providing reliable colour management

    ■ Accurate colour management regardless of user’s experience

    Just by following the procedure preset by administrator, unified colour management for all printers is realised.
    Operation is simple – simply measuring the printed control wedge is all that is needed for quick and accurate daily management of the printers.

    ■ Sharing of management standards and results

    When measurement of the control wedge is completed, this displays pass/fail result for registered management standards. Management standards can be shared using AccurioPro Cloud Eye, enabling colour management across multiple locations under the same conditions.
    Judgement results and values are stored in a database in the cloud. Colour quality controllers can also check the latest information at their computers or mobile devices.


    ▶ List display of management status of printers

    ■ List display of the latest measurement results

    After logging in via web browser, the latest colour management status for the managed companies, locations, and printers can be displayed on a list on the main screen.

    ■ Sharing of measurement results

    Management status and judgement results can be shared with cooperative companies and other users.

    ■ Detailed display of measurement results

    Graphs and reports show users detailed information regarding the management status and judgement results of each printer at their own factories and their cooperative companies.

    ■ Generation of measurement results report

    Reports including detailed judgement result for each measurement are available from a database and are easy to share at any location.

    Data sharing

    ▶ Sharing of key colour management items

    ■ Sharing of key items

    This system provides “Tracking”-daily management results and status, and “Target Configuration “-configuration of target value, judging criteria, and profile creation. These key items of colour management can be shared at multiple locations as well as between external AccurioPro Cloud Eye users. This enables streamlined operations and total cost reduction.

    ■ Sharing items

    1. Target Configuration

    JAs profile creation settings defined by administrator are delivered and shared, centralised management of colour matching across all locations and cooperative companies becomes possible.

    2. Tracking

    This is a combination of the printer and its Target Configuration to manage printer colour reproduction.