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  • PageScope Mobile for Windows

          1. Print without PC
          2. Print from one app
          3. No printer driver required

                 Uses of PageScope Mobile for Windows

    PageScope Mobile for Windows is an application that allows you to easily connect to KONICA MINOLTA printing devices from your Windows 10 mobile device using Wi-Fi. It enables you to print documents and images

    All bizhub operations from logging in (user authentication) to printing can be performed smoothly with your Windows phone.

    Print out images shot with your Windows phone on the spot, or share them with other devices.


    • Helps users innovate their work style
    • Enhances flexibility for utilising business documents more creatively, any time, any place
    • Leverages extended mobility with the Android device
    • Enhances productivity

               Main functions

    Print function:

    Printing from any applications which support Windows 10 mobile share function.


    – Copies : 1-9999
    – 2-Sided : 1-Sided / 2-Sided
    – Colour : Full colour / Grayscale
    – Input tray : Auto / Tray1 / Tray2 / Tray3 / Tray4 / Tray5 / LCT / Bypass tray
    – Binding position : Top bind / Left bind
    – Original orientation : Portrait / Landscape
    – Output method : Print / Secure print / Proof print / ID & print

    Supported formats

    JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PDF 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 (password-protected PDFs will require i-Option LK-102 on your MFP) TIFF 6.0, XPS, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX (please refer to “Supported Models” for MFP models supporting these applications)
    Formats supported will differ depending on the printing device.

    Authentication mode:

    User authentication : MFP / External server / Enhanced server / MFP+external server / MFP+enhanced server
    Account track : MFP / External server / MFP+external server

    Printer search and registration:

    Online printer can be searched and registered by using Wi-Fi

    By touching an Android device to the MFP panel, printing, scanning, User Authentication and device registration can be executed.

               PageScope Mobile displays