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  • Water-based Ink

    Water-based Ink for Inkjet Textile Printer Nassenger V.



    Genuine ink for Nassenger, our successful inkjet textile printer, features outstanding solidity and high density. The product range comprises disperse dye and reactive dye types.


    The inks feature outstanding solidity and high density and offers superb long-term shelf life.
    Dark/light and special colour inks are available, enabling reproduction of a wide range of colours possible only with an inkjet printer.
    Product assessment from the design and development stage has resulted in use of safe materials and has enabled satisfaction of various safety standards to produce an ink that is environmentally-friendly for the user.
    Dedicated cartridges are used to ensure that users do not come into direct contact with the ink.
    A Penetration ink with enhanced penetration for thick textiles such as towels is also available (Nassenger-V).

    Ink catoridge capacity

    1 litre each colours

    Ink types and colours

    Disperse dye ink Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Black,Light Cyan,Light Magenta, Light Yellow,Light Black,Orange,Violet
    Reactive dye ink Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Black,Light Cyan,Light Magenta, Light Yellow,Light Black,Extra Magenta, Blue, Orange


    Cotton Rayon Hemp Silk Wool Nylon Polyester Acetate
    Disperse dye ink
    Reactive dye ink