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  • bizhub 650i/550i/450i

    bizhub 650i/550i/450i

    The i-Series houses a powerful engine, a quad-core central processing unit with standard 8 GB of memory and 256 GB SSD, which allows for quick-response, high-performance operations. With an additional combination of full-speed media printing range, high-speed single pass dual scan doc feeder as well as finishing options, digital skew correction, and large capability trays, expertly blends reliable functionality with versatile serviceability.

    Simplifying work

    The User Interface has been completely revamped with an operation panel screen with smart-device-style operability. Operation has been simplified by narrowing down functions and screen transitions to frequently-used functions.

    Easy-to-use, new operation panel design

    The operation panel features a new simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) design. Features including no hard keys and panel vibration feedback reflect familiar smart devices and enable easy use of a variety of IT services. Simplicity of operation has been achieved by concentrating on frequently-used functions to minimise functions and screen transitions.

    GUI operation panel with a choice of two panel styles

    The user can switch between two panel styles as required: the new GUI Basic Style characterised by simple operation, and the conventional Classic Style utilising advanced settings and functions. Basic Style also offers an intuitive Simple Copy screen.

    Large, user-friendly, 10.1-inch touch panel

    The 10.1-inch panel has been newly developed from the customer’s perspective. It delivers better legibility and ease of operation for enhanced work efficiency. The multi-touch feature enables smooth, intuitive, tablet-like operation

    Make tasks simple with purpose-specific apps

    The bizhub 650i series simplifies operation with on-screen animated instructions that guide users through tasks. Operations can be performed smoothly in just a few easy steps.

    Card shot for ID card copying

    Both front and back sides of an ID card can be copied on one sheet of paper in just a few easy steps.

    Booklet making

    For users who want to create booklets such as magazines.

    Adjustable tilt operation panel

    The operation panel can be freely tilted to a maximum of 90 degrees to suit individual users.

    Non-image area erase function

    For users who want to copy with the document cover open, and/or want to omit the shadowy areas around the scanned images of thngs such as books.

    Indicator lights

    The bizhub 650i series has been installed with a new LED lights that gently harmonise with the office environment. The LEDs are located on the front of the MFP. The data light indicates data receipt or accumulation, and the print light reminds users to collect documents from the output tray

    Voice guidance

    Voice guidance offers support such as reading out fax numbers, explaining major screens and keys, and key-related operations. It also assists panel operation and prevents mis-operation.

    This function is only for use in enlarged displays on copy, fax and scan screens. Requires i-Option LK-104 v3, key pad KP-102 and device connection I/F kit EK-608 or EK-609.

    Colour Universal Design

    Konica Minolta has received Colour Universal Design certification from Japan’s Colour Universal Design Organization (CUDO).

    In validation tests using subjects with four types of colour-vision deficiencies, (red and green blindness, red and green weakness), CUDO confirmed that regardless of the deficiency, information transmission in colour by this unit functioned correctly.

    Thorough Protection of Office Information

    Data security is an ongoing concern in the corporate world. Konica Minolta works tirelessly to keep clients’ documents secure, in both digital and paper formats. By including cutting edge security functions in all Konica Minolta technologies, we aim to reduce the burden on IT administrators.

    bizhub SECURE services

    Data protection is a major issue for most companies. bizhub delivers advanced security settings through bizhub SECURE services, a total security setting service that provides greater protection for customer data stored in the SSD and device’s network settings.

    Use PC login user names for easy secure printing

    The PC login profile can be used as an ID for secure printing, so the user can print easily and securely once logged in without the trouble of entering his or her ID each time.

    Secure printing

    By setting a password for documents on the printer driver screen, the document is stored on the unit’s SSD until the same password is input into the MFP’s operation panel. The document is protected and will not be output until the password set for that document is matched. This is useful when you wish to print confidential documents or give permission for limited users to receive copies.

    Encrypted SSD

    The bizhub 650i series is equipped with a new 256 GB encrypted SSD for heightened security. With very few device compatibility problems, and with full-time encryption, this constantly maintains a high level of security with no fuss.

    Various types of user authentication

    Optimal authentication systems can be customised to suit office scale and pre-existing systems. bizhub 650i series also supports single sign-on (SSO) which enhances operability without sacrificing security.

    Non-contact IC card authentication

    Non-contact IC cards*1 such as FeliCa can be used to authenticate users*2. This also supports SSFC (Shared Security Formats Cooperation) specifications which enable integration of staff authentication with authentication systems. Apart from non-contact IC cards, authentication can also be carried out on NFC-compatible Android devices*3 .

    *1 Non-contact IC cards are compatible with FeliCa (IDm), SSFC, FCF, FCF (Campus) and MIFARE (UID).

    *2 Requires the IC card authentication device AU-201S option.

    *3 Requires an Android device later than Android 4.4, compatible with HCE (Post Card Emulation), and Konica Minolta Mobile Print.

    Biometric authentication

    Highly accurate authentication is possible using finger veins. It’s easy, and also enables the building of high-level security systems.

    Requires Biometric Authentication Device AU-102 option, and Working Table WT-506 option.

    Main unit authentication

    Highly accurate authentication is possible using finger veins. It’s easy, can be performed through the bizhub alone. It is also possible to set detailed usage restrictions for functions, including copy, print, scan and fax*.

    *Requires Fax Kit FK-514 option.

    Virus scanning

    The bizhub 650i series is equipped with robust antivirus software based on an embedded Bitdefender scan engine to ensure safe connection to devices including PCs, tablets, and USB flash drives. Scanning individual files means much finer virus detection than with the whitelist method alone. Latent viruses in the office are discovered through checking and notification when files are input. Checking when files are output from the MFP also prevents dissemination of infected files. Further periodic checking of files in the MFP discovers risky files and detects latent risks in the MFP. Real time virus scan jobs are available for print, scan and fax functions, while manual or scheduled virus scans are possible for folders such as SMB folders on the Box and SSD

    Serverless printing in a ubiquitous network

    The bizhub 650i series achieves serverless printing in a ubiquitous network that outputs previously sent print jobs from any desired MFP in the office network, after authentication. As a base unit for printing, it works as a print server, which enables the easy, low-cost creation of a serverless printing system for ubiquitous computing.

    A print system in a ubiquitous network can be created for up to 100 units. Each MFP requires the i-Option LK-114 option.

    Supports VLAN (Virtual LAN)

    The bizhub 650i series supports a VLAN function that splits multiple networks logically. Data can be isolated for each network, such as externally vs. internally connected networks, company dedicated vs. guest-only networks, or in shared offices so the bizhub can be used securely.

    Security watermark function

    The bizhub 650i series achieves serverless printing in a ubiquitous network that outputs previously sent print jobs from any desired MFP in the office network, after authentication. As a base unit for printing, it works as a print server, which enables the easy, low-cost creation of a serverless printing system for ubiquitous computing.

    A print system in a ubiquitous network can be created for up to 100 units. Each MFP requires the i-Option LK-114 option.

    Encrypted PDFs

    Password encryption
    Documents distributed in PDF format can be password encrypted.

    Digital ID encryption
    Only authorised recipients with a private key can decrypt. This ensures a far more robust level of security than the previous public key system. If encrypting with Digital ID, the email address (S/MIME send) to which the Digital ID has already been registered must be registered to the MFP’s abbreviated address.Requires the i-Option LK-102 v3.

    Electronic signatures
    Electronic signatures certify (MFP) document authors, and also guarantee that the document has not been changed and is valid. Certifications by third party organisations can also be used. When using electronic signatures, files should be encrypted using either a password or Digital ID. Requires i-Option LK-102 v3.

    Recognised high-level security ISO/IEC 15408 certification

    To objectively prove the reliability of Konica Minolta MFP security functions, we have obtained the Common Criteria (CC) for Information Technology Security Evaluation (ISO/IEC 15408). For the bizhub 650i series, we plan to obtain CC certification for compliance with HCD-PP v1.0 (Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices).

    Information security-related certification obtained for this product (and this system) demonstrates compliance with certification requirements as a result of evaluations based on specified evaluation standards and methods, but does not assure that the product (or the system) is completely without weaknesses.

    Always at the forefront

    Konica Minolta remotely manages bizhub operating conditions and toner levels, and delivers a variety of support and cloud services including automatic firmware updates and remote monitoring.

    Worldwide Remote Service Platform

    We developed new services leveraging IoT so users can focus on their core business. i-Series intelligently collects data for self-diagnostic and remote maintenance, as well as predicts the optimum replacement time for parts and consumables to minimise downtime.


    Konica Minolta’s MarketPlace is pre-installed, connecting you to a variety of applications that can be installed to tailor the functionality of your MFP. Browse through the many available options to find applications that answer your business needs

    bizhub Connectors

    The operation panel connects to various cloud services*1 and corporate internal server SharePoint 2007/2010/2013/2016, enabling connectivity for scan data uploads or direct printing. After logging in to the bizhub, users can also automatically log in under silent mode by entering and saving authentication information to services such as the cloud.


    Reduce downtime and boost productivity with a wide range of paper feed options and a sensor that detects paper type.

    Intelligent Media Centre*

    The bizhub 650i series automatically detects paper types, including paper weight and envelopes. Optimal toner adjustment and feeding of a diverse range of paper enables optimal high-quality printing.
    * Optional Media Sensor, IM-102 is required

    Paper feed cabinet for different paper sizes

    PC-417* includes two large capacity paper cassettes which allow paper from one cassette to be fed to the main unit for printing while paper can be refilled into the other cassette. This means there’s no need to interrupt printing to replenish paper. The cabinet supports frequently used A4 and B5 paper.

    Manual stapling supported finisher

    The manual stapling function in the finisher lets the user quickly re-staple an original document that had its staple removed for copying, or when he or she forgets to choose a staple setting when printing.

    A wide range of paper feed options

    Supports 1,150 sheets paper capacity with standard paper trays and manual bypass tray. Installing optional paper feed cassettes*1 increases paper capacity to 3,650 sheets. Further installing a large capacity unit escalates maximum paper capacity to 6,650 sheets*2.

    Multifunctional finisher

    Depending on the objective, users can select from several types of finish that are automatically processed by the multifunctional finisher, including booklet making, tri-folding, stapling and hole-punching. In addition to high-speed output, this function allows in-house production of a variety of outputs and finishes.


    Equipped with advanced functions for monochrome MFPs. Both Copy and Print functions exhibit outstanding performance.

    Copy both sides of an ID card onto one sheet with Card Shot function

    When copying both sides of an irregular-sized original, such as a license or business card, the front and back sides of the card can be automatically arranged to be printed on the same side of one sheet. Easy copying is possible by selecting the Card Shot app on the User Interface..

    Reduce toner consumption with the Non-Image Area Erase function

    When copying with the cover open, such as for thick books, the original is automatically detected and the shadowy area around the original is omitted. This saves excess toner consumption. Easy operation is possible by selecting the relevant apps on the User Interface.

    Lightweight paper trays

    Paper trays handle easily and open/close smoothly with a light press and pull motion. Trays can be removed for retrieval of jammed paper, which equates to less downtime.

    Speed up work with a shorter warm-up time

    Use irregular-sized paper such as postcards and envelopes with paper feed and manual feed trays

    Both standard paper trays on the bizhub 650i series are capable of handling irregular-sized paper, including postcards and envelopes, enabling set-up of a wider range of paper. Paper tray 1 has capacity for up to 200 postcards or 70 envelopes for more efficient printing. The 650i series is ideal for offices where space is limited.

    Enhanced 1,200 dpi resolution

    The bizhub 650i series achieves a 1,200-dpi print resolution with superb ability to reproduce small font sizes and fine lines. Such faithful reproduction capability improves document legibility and produces beautiful, high-quality print-outs. Slows down printing speed

    Paper Size Measurement function

    This function automatically measures irregular-sized paper placed on the platen glass and document feeder. The size of the measured paper can also be registered in the bizhub’s memory. This is useful for offices that handle irregular paper sizes like slips and vouchers

    Only 650i/650i/550i/450i supports measurements from the document feeder.

    Print banners up to 1,200 mm with banner printing

    Using the optional Banner Paper Guide enables banner printing up to 1,200 mm. bizhub 650i series also supports 90 mm narrow paper so various sized POPs and banners can be created for a wide range of purposes.

    Print websites displayed on the operation panel with web browser browse and print

    The bizhub 650i series supports a web browser function. Websites can be displayed on the operation panel and printed out. Pages in PDF files on the website can be specified and only the required sections printed. This is very handy, allowing easy printing of information such as of destination maps from websites

    Print directly from your USB flash drive

    The bizhub 650i series is equiped with a USB port, located on the side of the operation panel. After inserting a USB flash drive, printing procedures pop up in the touch screen, and the flash drive data can be directly printed or saved to a Box in the unit in a few easy steps. May not operate correctly depending on the type of USB flash drive. Supported file formats: PDF, compact PDF, JPEG, TIFF, XPS, compact XPS, and OOXML (.docx/.xlsx/.pptx).

    Email RX Print

    Files can be easily printed out by attaching them to an email and sending it to the machine’s email address. Supported file formats: PDF, Compact PDF, JPEG, TIFF, XPS, Compact XPS, and OOXML (.docx/.xlsx/.pptx). Requires i-Option LK-110 v2.

    Other print functions

    • Supports BMLinkS which connects smoothly with office equipment
    • My Tab Function customises your tab with frequently used settings
    • Printing to Tab Paper (index paper)
    • Carbon Copy Mode prints the original docket and copy at the same time. Different coloured sheets can be loaded to various paper trays if necessary
    • Capable of printing on SRA3 size which is slightly larger than A3
    • Auto Trapping Function prints so that there is no white gap around images

    Other copy functions

    • Image Quality Mode to match the original (text, text/photo, photo, faint original, map, copied original)
    • Output Mode that matches application (double-sided printing, page aggregation, repeating, grouping, sorting, shifting, booklets, binding margin)
    • Diverse Original Document Scan Modes (continuous scan, mixed originals, binding margin, original loading direction, thin paper, Z folded original, dust reduction mode, programmed jobs, blank original removal).
    • Copy Mode can be set according to objective (book original, consecutive page copying, index originals, catalogue originals)
    • Selectable Layout Adjustment (enlarge/reduce, consecutive enlargement copying, image storage method, mirror imaging, image shift, auto image rotation)
    • Handy �Page Insertion� (coversheet, OHP film, insert sheet, chapter separator, insertion page)
    • Expanding usage with Image Additions (date/time, page number, stamp, watermark, head/footer, overlay, registered overlay)
    • Able to copy required sections only (Frame Erase, Erase Outside)
    • Numerous �Copy Security� functions (Copy Protect, Repeat Stamp, Copy Guard*, Password copy*)


    Offers a new workstyle through advanced connectivity with mobile devices.

    Mobile communications function

    Connectivity with NFC-equipped Android devices

    The operation panel has a mobile touch area compatible with NFC-equipped devices. Installing Konica Minolta Mobile Print on Android devices allows that device to be registered to bizhub. Just holding the Android device over the mobile touch area enables the selected file to be printed. Scanned documents in the bizhub can also be scanned and saved to Android devices or cloud storage. Where user authentication is enabled, just holding the Android device nearby allows log in.

    Bluetooth LE connectivity with iOS devices

    Using Bluetooth LE (low energy), a bizhub close to the user can be searched and registered with Konica Minolta Mobile Print. As it is also supported with the iOS action button, printing and scan data sharing from various applications can be smoothly executed. Further, where user authentication is enabled, Bluetooth LE can be used to log in.

    Wireless LAN (AP Mode)

    The bizhub 650i series supports Simple Access Point (AP) Mode*, which easily creates a local wireless LAN environment with only the bizhub allowing a wireless LAN to be built separately from the company LAN. Because it bypasses the company LAN, even mobile devices brought in from outside can be securely connected.

    Supporting a range of print services


    The Scan functions deliver high performance and high functionality from speed, quality and distribution to storage.

    Send large volume scan data with ease using the Scan to URL function

    Equipped with a Scan to URL function which stores Scan data within the bizhub, then emails the storage destination URL to the user. This enables easy transmission of large volume data that cannot be attached to emails.

    Requires solid state drive EM-908.

    Outstanding scan performance

    A Dual Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) with automatic duplex, simultaneous scanning achieves high-speed scanning. A large number of sheets can be set at any one time, significantly reducing scanning time and effort. The precision of automatic skew correction, which adjusts the angle of the scanned original, has been greatly improved to deliver highly accurate scanning with less skew.

    Double feed detection sensor

    Applying ultrasonic waves to the original distinguishes a layer of air between each page and detects double feeds. When a double feed is detected, a preview of the original that has already been scanned will be displayed so that the job can be restarted without repeating the whole scanning operation from the beginning. When equipped with the optional DSDF DF-714 for 360i/300i.

    Send scan data instantly to your own email address with �Scan (email to me)�

    Users can send scan data such as for receipts and payment slips to themselves immediately. This can also be done securely with the authentication setting. As the “Scan (email to me)” button is on the home screen, the data can be scanned and sent quickly in a few easy steps.

    Check and print received faxes with Compulsory Memory Receive Box*

    Received faxes can be checked, managed and printed in a few easy steps by setting the Compulsory Memory Receive Box in the home screen. As the user can select which faxes need to be printed, this function is effective in preventing unnecessary outputs, thus reducing printing costs.

    Exclude blank documents from being scanned with blank original removal function

    Blank sheets from original documents set on the ADF can be excluded from scanning. Documents detected as blank sheets will not be counted as a page.

    Box storage of received data promotes a paperless environment

    Received fax data is automatically sorted according to TSI (Transmitting Subscriber Identification) and automatically stored in the bizhub’s Box. Setting automatic transfer to client PC or email addresses saves both effort and cost in sorting and distributing received documents. Forwarding to the bizhub’s SMB shared folder is also possible. The bizhub 650i series can also handle functions such as forwarding faxes and TSI-sorted received faxes. The increase in storage destinations for received faxes will further promote a paperless environment.

    Digitisation of paper documents

    Documents can be scanned and converted to PDF or OOXML format files. File format can be selected according to the business and intended use, which broadens the scope of secondary use.

    Improve scan job efficiency

    Scanned originals can be converted to a variety of document formats according to the application and stored in the bizhub’s box or a USB flash drive.They can also be sent and stored to a PC or server via email, SMB, FTP, or Web DAV.

    Other main scan and fax functions

    • Super G3 Standard achieves high speed sending of approx. 2 seconds
    • Direct Fax, paperless sending from a PC
    • Convert received data into a Searchable PDF format* * Requires i-Option LK-110 v2
    • Maximum 2-phone line FAX Function can aggregate multiple faxes
    • W-NET FAX compatibility for broad Internet fax interchangeability
    • IP Adress Fax (T.38 FAX) reduces transmission costs* * Requires i-Option LK-117 and Fax kit FK-514
    • Address Storage for a maximum of 2000 addresses (100 groups)
    • Banner Scan scans long originals from the ADF

    Dispatcher Phoenix

    Dispatcher Phoenix automates digitised document processes from file aggregation to processing and distribution. By dividing processes via pre-set conditions, such as OCR processing, file renaming and barcode scanning, each document is automatically stored at a destination. This delivers one-touch execution of cumbersome tasks. Start times can be scheduled so that digitised tasks can be executed quickly and efficiently. Broad scalability and versatility, including connectivity with cloud services, enable creation of flexible workflows tailored to the customer’s business and office environment. formats according to the application and stored in the bizhub’s box or a USB flash drive.They can also be sent and stored to a PC or server via email, SMB, FTP, or Web DAV.